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Safe & Healthy Streets

Improving systems to ensure safer walking & biking infrastructure in Milwaukee

Full Project Name:Safe & Healthy Streets: Enhancing Systems to Increase Walking & Biking Infrastructure in MilwaukeePrimary Community Organization:Wisconsin Bike FedPrimary Academic Partner:Katinka Hooyer, PhD, Family and Community MedicineAward Amount:$374,892
Award Date
Project Duration:39 months

Project Description Narrative:

Milwaukee residents, including those who are low-income and people of color, repeatedly indicate a desire for better sidewalks, bike lanes, trails. To address the gap between what communities want (safe, active streets) and the city of Milwaukee's current streets, project partners will work to develop a culture of health by increasing the number and safety of people who walk and bike, and by changing the policies, procedures, and priorities at the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works to create streets that support active transportation and community values.

Community partners: City of Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers, Rails to Trails Conservancy, Route of the Badger, Metropolitan Milwaukee Sewerage District, MilWALKee Walks, Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, HealthTide, American Heart Association, Black Girls Do Bike, Alverno, Northwest Side Community Development Corporation, Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, Cadence Bike Club, Milwaukee Safe Routes to School, Citizens, City of Milwaukee Department of City Development, Coast In Bikes

Outcomes & Lessons Learned:

  • Created the Active Streets Program in 2022, leading the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works to continue the program in 2021 based on community demand and to add a phased approach to lead to permanent infrastructure changes
  • Published an annual report to track the means and methods for increasing pedestrian and cycling infrastructure in Milwaukee
  • Began development of Milwaukee Complete Streets Performance Monitoring Framework to serve as a Complete Streets data assessment tool
  • Began prioritizing potential protocols and procedures, establishing bi-weekly meetings between the Bike Fed and City and identifying key internal partners and decision makers within the City to allow those changes to move forward

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