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Educating the Hmong Community About COVID-19

Developing culturally appropriate COVID-19 prevention messaging for Hmong populations in Wisconsin

Full Project Name:Educating the Hmong Community About COVID-19Primary Community Organization:Hmong American Friendship Association, Inc.Award Amount:$33, 290
Award Date
Project Duration:3 months

Project Description Narrative:

As the COVID-19 pandemic grows, the need for culturally responsive and appropriate messaging is essential. Wisconsin boasts the largest Hmong population in the U.S. outside of California and Minnesota. This population has a significant need for culturally appropriate messaging. In a culture built around close family and clan ties, messages about social distancing may be confusing, while other health messages may be misunderstood or not trusted. Through this award, project partners will produce and disseminate a series of short educational videos in the Hmong language, using the Hmong tradition of oral transmission of knowledge to reach Hmong residents in Wisconsin, especially those with limited English proficiency, with critical information that can prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Additional community partners: Nyob Zoo Milwaukee TV, Hmong American Center (Wausau), Hmong American Partnership (Appleton/Fox Valley), Hmoob Cultural and Community Agency (La Crosse), Hmong 18 Clan Council of Wisconsin

Outcomes & Lessons Learned:

  • Developed and produced a series of Hmong-language videos in three weeks to provide education and information about COVID-19, including how to prevent the spread through social distancing and hand washing and information related to Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order
  • Disseminated videos widely to the Hmong community in Wisconsin through over-the-air broadcast on Nyob Zoo TV as well as social media platforms, reaching more than 106,148 people as of June 30, 2020
  • Developed partnership to continue additional work to communicate to the Hmong community related to COVID-19 and other health issues prevalent across Wisconsin
  • Project partner Nyob Zoo Milwaukee TV received the 2021 Wisconsin Public Health Association Excellence in Public Health Media award for its contributions to increased awareness and culturally relevant information

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