Resilience Alignment Beekeepers

Advancing Behavioral Health Initiative Phase II: Reducing behavioral health crisis calls in northern Wisconsin

Full Project Name:Resilience Alignment BeekeepersPrimary Community Organization:NorthLakes Community ClinicPrimary Academic Partner:Michelle Broaddus, PhD, Psychiatry and Behavioral MedicineAward Amount:$1,000,000
Award Date
Project Duration:60 months

Project Description Narrative:

Advancing Behavioral Health Initiative Phase II

The cost of a mental health crisis is both psychological and financial, and can be staggering to individuals and their communities. In addition, each call has a "ripple effect." Families, friends and classmates left behind experience trauma. Schools and workplaces lose days of participation. In a four-county community with strained resources, partner recognize a need to address behavioral health before a point of crisis. Through a collaborative effort, this project seeks to reduce the number of behavioral health crisis calls in the four counties (Ashland, Bayfield, Sawyer and Washburn Counties) from current totals by 30% by 2022 by:

  • Creating a framework for systemic coordination which will allow cross-sector partners to use resources more efficiently and effectively, and address complex needs
  • Increasing access to services for underserved populations in Ashland and Bayfield counties through a mobile drop-in site in high-traffic locations staffed by a trusted high-level cross-trained coordinator who will give clients warm-handoff referrals to resources that address socio-economic conditions as well as clinical needs
  • Improving responses to behavioral health crises through data sharing and increased collaboration among partner agencies

This project is part of AHW's Advancing Behavioral Health Initiative, an eight-year, $20 million initiative bringing together 10 community coalitions from across Wisconsin to address pressing mental health needs within their communities. The initiative is designed in three phases, providing a funded planning year, a five-year implementation period, and a two-year sustainable transformation phase.

Project Updates:

  • Developed a community coalition, establishing monthly workgroup meetings to gather a cross-section of dedicated individuals from various sectors willing to meet for a half day each month to actualize the strategies and address emerging issues
  • Created a structure for the first Accountable Community for Health (ACH) in Wisconsin and a workgroup to outline and develop the first project of that group, the Chequamegon Accountable: the Community for Health (CA:tCH), a participant-centered initiative to create and share personal safety plans in a fully HIPAA-compliant way among a diverse group of community stakeholders that include schools, tribes, providers, counties, a hospital, clinics, and law enforcement
  • Began implementation of project plan for CA:tCH:
    • Establishing a board and workgroup to oversee its development
    • Developing a partnership with the nonprofit Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network (WISHIN), completing a portal for the project
    • Formalizing a framework for the systemic coordination of CA:tCH, developing a platform and training materials for partner agencies, and holding 10 training sessions for partners from September through December 2020
    • Engaged five organizations in initial implementation: Ashland County Health and Human Services, Ashland County Sheriff's Department, City of Ashland Police Department, Memorial Medical Center, and NorthLakes Community Health Clinic
  • Began development of a data-driven approach to evaluation using anonymized data from WISHIN to analyze granular level detail about the use of the safety plan platform, and data from other sectors around restrictive responses, non-restrictive responses, hospitalizations, overtime pay for law enforcement, as well as the psychological and financial costs to participants that will together provide a rounded picture of how well this strategy is working
  • Supported project evaluator in completing and publishing a journal article on the process and benefits of the workgroup

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