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Reclaiming Our Neighborhoods Coalition Sustainability Planning

Sustainability planning to support improvements in housing conditions and health outcomes in Milwaukee

Full Project Name:Reclaiming Our Neighborhoods Coalition Sustainability PlanningPrimary Community Organization:Local Initiatives Support CorporationAward Amount:$10,000.00
Award Date
Project Duration:12 months

Project Description Narrative:

Milwaukee's aging housing stock and legacy of redlining and racial segregation have led to minority populations being disproportionately impacted by poor housing conditions and the resulting poor health outcomes, including health impacts due to lead hazards and black mold. Exterior deferred maintenance issues often reveal an occupant struggling with health-related concerns. The Reclaiming Our Neighborhoods coalition conducts housing surveys and has been an essential link for neighborhood residents to connect to resources to not only improve their housing conditions, but also to connect to health and social services to address other needs. To move to a more structured and preventive approach, this project aims to develop a sustainability plan that facilitates growth of the Reclaiming Our Neighborhoods (RON) coalition and maximizes the impact of neighborhood housing surveys to improve housing conditions and health outcomes for Milwaukee residents.

Project partners:

City Attorney's Office, Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative, Community First, Data You Can Use, City of Milwaukee Department of City Development, City of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services, Legal Action of Wisconsin, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Marquette University, Milwaukee Mayor's Office, Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council, City of Milwaukee Information Technology Management Division, Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation, Riverworks Development Corporation, Sherman Park Community Association, Washington Park Partners

Outcomes & Lessons Learned:

  • Developed the Reclaiming Our Neighborhoods (RON) Coalition Sustainability Plan, including creation of vision, mission, and values statements for RON, short-term mission priorities, and a defined structure for organizational development and incremental growth to additional Milwaukee neighborhoods
  • Created path for ongoing engagement, with current organizations stating they have been able to better define and assess how they will continue to interact with RON allowing for necessary flexibility while moving towards greater collaborative action
  • Received the Northwestern Mutual Collaboration Award at the Milwaukee Awards for Neighborhood Development & Innovation (MANDIs) which, along with this project, has enhanced awareness of the housing survey work, its impact on community health, and the partner organizations involved

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