Cancer Disparities Integration Hub

Establishing a hub to faciliate efforts across community, education, and research that will address breast and lung cancer disparities in Wisconsin

Full Project Name:Addressing Cancer Disparities in Breast and Lung Cancer: Integration HubPrimary Community Organization:American Cancer Society - Midwest Division, WisconsinPrincipal Investigator:Melinda Stolley, PhD, Department of MedicineAward Amount:$1,678,891
Award Date
Project Duration:69 months

Project Description Narrative:

At the launch of the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment's (AHW) 2014-2018 Five-Year Plan, AHW sought a new approach to tackle the issue of cancer disparities, designing a philanthropic model that aimed to support efforts to cut across community knowledge, research discovery, and education innovations. Following a planning and developmental phase that brought together experts across community health and academic medicine, the project partners identified a focus on breast and lung cancer disparities as critical to improving the health of Wisconsin residents.

Through this award, the MCW Cancer Center will create and sustain an integrated hub to coordinate work across community, research, and academic medicine, building collaborative approaches to address critical factors and develop promising initiatives that can reduce disparities in breast and lung cancer across Wisconsin.

Project Updates:

  • Established a full advisory board consisting of reprentatives from typically siloed sectors of community, research, and academic medicine across the state
  • Developed a staffing model to lead and support the initiative's work
  • Developed and finalized a conceptual framework, a staffing model to lead and support the initiative's work, and began integrating evaluation across the project's work, identifying an evaluator and launching the process to assess appropriate metrics or levers to monitor
  • Developed and launched three new programs identified through initiative's developmental phase as critical to improving outcomes in Wisconsin, identifying and recruiting co-Principal Investigators (co-PIs) from community and academic sectors for the three intiatives: a Mammographic Quality Initiative, a Cancer Disparities Mentored Research Scholar Pilot Curriculum, and a Collaborative Workgroups initiative
  • Hosted the first meeting of a Community Cancer Science Network cohort; supported the capacity-building of the cohort that included a training on creating inclusive organizations

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