Transforming Primary Prevention Systems in Kenosha County

Embedding policies and practices in Kenosha County primary prevention systems to support child development

Full Project Name:Transforming Primary Prevention Systems to Build Family Protective FactorsPrimary Community Organization:Celebrate Children Foundation/Child Abuse Prevention and Neglect BoardPrimary Academic Partner:Earnestine Willis, MD, MPH, PediatricsAward Amount:$298,600
Award Date
Project Duration:36 months

Project Description Narrative:

All families experience some level of adversity and stress. While some stress is necessary to support healthy development and build resilience, high-intensity, frequent or prolonged stress can become toxic. Potential sources of toxic stress in childhood include child maltreatment and household dysfunction, which the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study associates with negative health and well-being outcomes. This project will embed strengths-based, evidence-informed policies and practices throughout primary prevention systems in Kenosha County to build family protective factors, optimize child development, and address causes of child maltreatment.

Community partners:

Kenosha County -Division of Children and Family Services (KC-DCFS), Prevention Services Network (PSN)

Prevention services entities:
Prevention Services Network (PSN), Kenosha Human Development Services (KHDS), Kenosha Area Family and Aging Services (KAFASI), Kenosha County - Division of Health-Health Services (KC-DOH), Professional Services Group (PSG)-Families First, PSG-Intensive In-Home, Community Impact Programs (CIP)-Youth Outreach

Project Updates:

• Advanced project sustainability through adoption of contracts with 100% of prevention services entities in the County

• Supported capacity building of community members, professionals and organizations through Primary Protective Factors training, equipping seven prevention services entities with teams of 16 certified trainers and 15 parent co-presenters

• Developed training plans for additional staff and supervisors across all partner entities

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