Informing Women's Health Policy in Wisconsin

Building an advocacy agenda that reflects the priorities and needs of Wisconsin's underserved communities of women

Full Project Name:Informing Women's Health Policy in WisconsinPrimary Community Organization:Wisconsin Alliance for Women's HealthAward Amount:$10,000.00
Award Date
Project Duration:6 months

Project Description Narrative:

While policy often aims to improve community health and well-being and, in some instances, does have a disproportionately positive impact for women in traditionally underserved communities, there is a lack of evidence that policies reflect the self-identified priorities and needs of Wisconsin's underserved communities. To strengthen women's health advocacy efforts, it is essential to engage the voices of those more impacted. This project aimed to ensure that women's health policy in Wisconsin better represents the preferences and needs of underserved communities of women - specifically women of color and low- to moderate-income unmarried women - through professionally-conducted focus groups that will be used to help guide women's health policy advocacy efforts in Wisconsin.

Project partners:
9to5 Wisconsin, Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health (WAWH), other allied Wisconsin organizations

Outcomes & Lessons Learned:

• Developed a report compiling focus group findings that resulted in two additional issue areas - paid leave and addressing the gender wage gap - being added to the Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health "Proactive Policy Prescription" to ensure it reflects priorities of Wisconsin women of color and low- to moderate-income unmarried women

• Used information gathered through this project in advocacy efforts related to legislation that would have repealed family medical leave protections and other important employment laws

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