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Developing Novel Programs in Biomedical Engineering

Creating a Clinical and Translational Biomedical Engineering Program

Full Project Name:Developing Novel Programs in a Joint Biomedical Engineering DepartmentPrincipal Investigator:Frank Pintar, PhD, Biomedical EngineeringAward Amount:$2,000,000
Award Date
Project Duration:84 months

Project Description Narrative:

As health care reforms continue in our state and nation, it is essential that patients receive high-quality care in a safe and cost-effective manner. To achieve this, innovative and transformative approaches to managing health conditions are needed, calling for professionals who can practice at this intersection of disciplines and who are capable of advancing innovations from conception to clinical practice.

Through this funding, MCW will create a Clinical and Translational Biomedical Engineering Program, aiming to increase partnerships between faculty researchers, clinicians, engineers, and experienced industry advisers who will work together to design, build and test devices and approaches to solve clinical problems. Through a focus on high-value biomedical devices that are both highly efficient and low cost, the program will seek to have strong impact on community and home-based case initiatives to support the health of the people of Wisconsin. A long-term aim to develop programs in cellular engineering and bio-manipulation will seek to support ongoing efforts to develop novel therapeutic options, affording the people of Wisconsin access to the latest developments in health care.

Project Updates:

  • Continued development of novel educational programs, including the joint master's programs, and creating drafts of new certificate programs at the graduate level to attract working engineers to improve their skills
  • Developed tissue engineering grafts, valves and vascular stents that will provide new treatments for heart disease in Wisconsin residents and beyond
  • Dr. Tefft's sub-award developed platform technologies that can be used to realize treatments for a wide variety of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, and resulted in a technology disclosure to the MCW Office of Technology Development and a subsequent patent application to the USPTO
  • Dr. Greenberg's sub-award resulted in the development of a fully functional app, which implements behavioral training as a series of fun, game-like sessions for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment

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