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Call for Applications: Community-led Learning Event Support


Funding summary

Funds Available: A total of $100,000 is available to support meritorious Wisconsin-based learning events hosted by eligible community organizations in Wisconsin. Each learning event may request up to $5,000 maximum for direct, non-personnel, event-specific expenses.

Application Deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling first-come, first-served basis until available funds have been distributed.

Eligible Applicants: Learning events must be hosted by an eligible Wisconsin-based 501c3 or 501c6 organization, or a Wisconsin government-based entity or organization. The host organization must have an EIN number and will be responsible for the fiduciary and reporting requirements of the AHW project and project budget.

Funding Details: AHW’s Call for Applications: Community-led Learning Event Support provides funding for Wisconsin-based learning events that build knowledge, skills, and networks among Wisconsin’s current and future health workforce.

Successful applications will describe a key learning gap that the event aims to address, a targeted group of learning event participants consisting primarily of Wisconsin-based health workforce professionals, and how the skills and knowledge gained may be put into action by event participants to contribute to advanced health and/or health equity in Wisconsin.

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  Who is eligible to apply for the Community-led Learning Event Support funding opportunity?

All applications must be submitted by the learning event host or a co-host organization who must be an eligible Wisconsin-based 501c3 or 501c6 organization, or a Wisconsin government-based entity or organization, with an EIN number.

  What types of learning events are eligible?

Learning events must be conducted in Wisconsin, include an in-person learning component, and aim to build capacity, knowledge, skills or networks among primarily Wisconsin-based health workforce participants.

Learning events should align with AHW’s Education and Workforce Development pathway, which aims to transform the landscape of the health research, health care, and community and public health workforce by supporting efforts that develop and grow a workforce that is poised to meet the diverse and evolving needs of Wisconsin residents now and for generations to come.

  What are allowable expenses under this funding opportunity?

AHW uses a cost-reimbursement model. Funds may only be used for direct, non-personnel, event-related expenses. Please review a list of AHW’s Allowable and Unallowable Costs (PDF) as you prepare your application.

In addition, and in accordance with AHW’s state-required mandates, AHW funds may not supplant funds or resources otherwise available. Please see AHW’s Supplanting Criteria (PDF) for details.


  Can the event be virtual?

Learning events must incorporate an in-person learning component with participants and be held in the state of Wisconsin. Funds may not be used to support events that are virtual-only, unless otherwise approved by AHW.

  How do I submit my application?

Applications will be accepted only through the official online application form. No paper or emailed applications will be accepted. Applicants must answer all required fields and follow the restrictions set within the online form.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling first-come, first-serve basis as long as allocated funds remain available.  

  How long does the application process take?

AHW encourages applicants to begin reviewing the call for applications and connecting with the AHW program manager at least 90 days prior to the event. All applications should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event. Throughout the application process, applicants are expected to be responsive to requests for clarification or revisions to ensure that the application and review process can move forward efficiently.

AHW anticipates sharing funding determinations with applicants at least 30 days prior to the event. Funded applicants will be expected to work with AHW to complete all award initiation requirements prior to the learning event date.

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