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AHW’s Community-Academic Partnership Model provides an opportunity for community partners and MCW academic faculty to collaborate, share knowledge, disseminate new ideas, and strengthen ties within our community.

To find the best academic partner for your project, we recommend first identifying areas of your project that would be complemented by the expertise of an academic partner. If your existing networks do not identify a possible partner, investigate the MCW website to find the areas of expertise that exist within MCW.

If you need additional assistance, we are happy to help. Let us know what you are working on at minimum one month prior to a funding application deadline, and we’ll see if we can identify an MCW partner who is interested in exploring a project partnership.

AHW will contact you within 10 business days of receipt to follow-up on any questions we may have and/or update you on our progress related to your inquiry.

Please note: This request does not guarantee partnership. The process may result in a formulated partnership or recommendations for enhancing a project idea prior to seeking funding. It is also possible that an appropriate partner may not be found and/or that AHW may not be the appropriate funding source for your project.


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Project Idea (Please describe your proposed project's goal, the documented need for the project, additional collaborators, anticipated outcomes, and the tentative budget. Describe the anticipated role(s) of the community and academic partner(s):

Describe the steps that have been taken to-date to find an MCW academic partner:

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