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The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Analyzing the ethical and regulatory implications of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Full Project Name:The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Health CarePrincipal Investigator:Fabrice Jotterand, PhD, Institute for Health and EquityAward Amount:$5,000
Award Date
Project Duration:4 months

Project Description Narrative:

With a focus on issues arising from real, existing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and how they are likely to develop in the near future, event organizers seek to address human-centered ethical concerns arising from the widespread use of these technologies in health care.

To this end, the conference will examine a broad range of issues, including: 1) how the use of AI in the clinical context could change the nature of clinical practice, medical training, and patient care; 2) whether AI technologies should maintain their place as assistive tools for administrative management, imaging, diagnosis, and other functions, or whether they should stand to replace human clinical labor in a way that will fundamentally change the clinician-patient relationship; 3) how features or bugs of AI programs—for example, personal data capture, algorithmic bias, the "black box" nature of deep neural networks—could affect values such as trust in the health care context; 4) how considerations in the design and implementation of AI can foster these values; and 5) how and why regulation and governance of these technologies should evolve to protect patients, research subjects, consumers, and their data, especially given the "data hungry" nature of AI.

To tackle these issues, the conference will feature international experts in bioethics, AI, medicine, philosophy, public policy, computer science, and data science.

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