Planning for the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project

Conducting an alcohol use needs assessment to help guide efforts to reduce alcohol misuse in Wisconsin

Full Project Name:Planning for the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy ProjectPrincipal Investigator:Terri deRoon-Cassini, PhD, MS, Comprehensive Injury CenterCo-Investigator:Michael Levas, MD, PediatricsAward Amount:$32,403
Award Date
Project Duration:5 months

Project Description Narrative:

Excessive alcohol consumption is a significant public health issue in Wisconsin. Wisconsinites consume 634 drinks per person per year in comparison to 486 drinks per person per year nationally. Excessive drinking in Wisconsin translates to approximately 1,500 deaths, over 48,000 hospitalizations, 46,000 treatment admissions, over 60,000 arrests, and 5,700 motor vehicle crashes annually, necessitating continued and expanded work to support local entities in addressing alcohol-related issues and implementing solutions in their communities and across the state.

Through this award, the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project (WAPP) will determine the gaps in data related to alcohol use and survey the landscape of current alcohol-related work in Wisconsin, while developing a partnership between the WAPP and the Medical College of Wisconsin's Comprehensive Injury Center.

Outcomes & Lessons Learned:

  • Identified datasets available to inform policy related to alcohol consumption and assessed gaps that exist related to datasets and specifically data linkage to improve data availability in the future
  • Identified new stakeholders to advance alcohol policy work in Wisconsin
  • Supported infrastructure to house the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project within the MCW Comprehensive Injury Center allowing the team to link alcohol consumption data and alcohol policy information with injury and health outcomes

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