Full Project Name:Learning Event Support: Wisconsin Recovery Housing Huddle UpPrimary Community Organization:WisHopeAward Amount:$4,175
Award Date

Project Description Narrative:

Access to recovery-oriented residential opportunities and programs is highly correlated with successfully sustaining long term recovery from substance use disorders. The opioid crisis has increased both the demand for and interest in providing residential recovery options. However, establishing recovery residences depends upon individuals and organizations using effective financial, program, and operational models.

Through Learning Event Support funding, the learning event will provide an opportunity for individuals who refer, support and work with persons affected by substance use disorders to learn about the ethical, operational, and programmatic best practices in recovery residences that support long term recovery from substance use disorders. The Wisconsin Recovery Housing Huddle Up will support participants by sharing evidence-based practices that support recovery in residential settings, introducing ethical, operational, and programmatic standards based on national models, facilitating peer-to-peer learning about strategies and approaches to overcome challenges, and increasing knowledge about the types of and models for recovery residences.

Key Collaborators:

• Wisconsin Association of Sober Housing

• Apricity

• Presbyterian Student Center Foundation

• Dave Gallup Foundation

• WisHope

Outcomes & Lessons Learned:

  • Engaged almost 40 attendees from across Wisconsin working directly in recovery residence programs or as recovery service providers, agency staff, treatment providers, recovery coaches, or individuals in recovery
  • Event includded engagement of recovery residence stakeholders to discuss the role of recovery housing in promoting and sustaining recovery from substance use disorders
  • Survey results indicated that 2/3 of participants were able to double the number of people they can contact for professional support from the beginning to the end of the event

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