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Global Health Equity MS Program

Developing a curriculum to train medical students and researchers to address and improve health equity in Wisconsin and globally

Full Project Name:Global Health Equity MS Program: Improving Health Equity in Wisconsin Through a Global Health LensPrincipal Investigator:Laura Cassidy, MS, PhD, Institute for Health and EquityCo-Investigator:Kirsten M Beyer, PhD, MPH, Institute for Health and Equity; Matthew J Dellinger, PhD, Institute for Health and Equity; Julia Dickson-Gomez, PhD, Institute for Health and EquityAward Amount:488,683
Award Date
Project Duration:48 months

Project Description Narrative:

Over the past decade, interest in global health among undergraduate and graduate students has reached record levels. While student interest may stem from generations of global connectivity, global health educators also now recognize that the skills that characterize good practice in a low- to middle-income country are appropriate when working with vulnerable populations domestically. Students in Wisconsin preparing to be clinicians or population and public health researchers must learn skills to understand, engage, and lead across cultures right here in Wisconsin or globally.

Through this award, the Medical College of Wisconsin will develop an MS Program in Global Health Equity to provide an integrative learning experience that will attract and train future medical students and researchers in improving health equity while building skills that can impact the health of Wisconsin residents.


Project Updates:

  • Provided hands-on learning opportunities to train the next generation of global health leaders with students completing global health internships in the UK and Rwanda with global partners focusing on nutrition, mental health, global healthcare systems, and emergency medicine

  • Collaborated with partner organizations in Wisconsin to offer opportunities for students to become an integral part of Wisconsin's healthcare system and provide services for years to come

  • Developed new courses and integrated student feedback to improve future course offerings

  • Continued to seek opportunities to expand partnerships and strengthen relationships with rural and tribal communities

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