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18-Headed Microscope

Expanding the educational opportunities in diagnostics to support the development of more effective clinicians

Full Project Name:18-Headed MicroscopePrincipal Investigator:Saul Suster, MD, PathologyAward Amount:$100,000
Award Date
Project Duration:6 months

Project Description Narrative:

In Surgical Pathology, experts conduct a daily Peer Review Conference, which entails a daily review of the diagnostically difficult, challenging, or problem cases by all faculty and residents in the department with the purpose of resolving diagnostic problems, reducing errors in interpretation, and addressing other issues related to the diagnosis and future management of the patient. In order to support the continual learning of faculty and students as diagnosticians, the opportunity to view and discuss the process that is utilized to work through challenging cases is essential.

Through this award, Surgical Pathology will utilize an 18-headed microsope as a powerful tool for the teaching of fellows and residents in order to provide them an opportunity to learn from discussions on how to approach these cases and build their experience and expertise in ways that can promote the quality of care for patients in Wisconsin.

Outcomes & Lessons Learned:

  • Obtained an Olympus BX51 microscope with variable binocs with 18 heads for multiple users at a time, along with a custom table to support the microscope and a 50-inch monitor for additional viewers

  • Began use of the 18-headed microscope in daily Peer Review meetings as a tool to train residents and fellows, providing a high-quality environment and avenue for collaboration, training, and interaction between pathologists, residents, fellows, visiting pathologists, and clinicians

  • Expanded use of the microscope to include other conferences, general sign-out sessions, and sub-specialty conferences

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