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MCW Tissue Bank

Advancing research by centralizing the collection, storage, and distribution of human specimens

Full Project Name:MCW Tissue BankPrincipal Investigator:Hallgeir Rui, MD, PhD, PathologyAward Amount:$5,219,068
Award Date
Project Duration:116 months

Project Description Narrative:

Having access to human tissue specimens is crucial for advances in biomedical science and developing disease therapies, particularly in the area of cancer. Cancer remains a significant health priority in Wisconsin, contributing to mortality. Cancer remains the second most common cause of death in the U.S.

Through this award, MCW aims to centralize the collection, storage, and distribution of human specimens to be used for research at the Medical College of Wisconsin and partnering institutions, particularly in support of cancer research, and to sponsor cooperative research programs, specimen-based basic research, and translational research. This central tissue bank will serve as the Tissue Procurement Core for the MCW Cancer Center, meeting the scientific needs and objectives to become a National Cancer Institute designated Cancer Center and provide the resources necessary for individual faculty members to acquire tissue samples for research, expediting MCW's tissue-based translational research.

Outcomes & Lessons Learned:

  • Expanded the MCW Tissue Bank consent program and overall collection of specimens, growing to 12,344 tissue samples, 42,274 blood samples, and 5,543 bone marrow samples banked. This represented a significant increase of 6,023 tissue samples (49% increase), 24,224 blood samples (57% increase), and 4,666 bone marrow samples (84% increase)

  • Continued to grow Cord Blood Banking Program. In addition to consenting more participants and training OBGYN clinic staff to obtain consent for the Cord Blood Banking Program, the Bank broadened the scope of the program to include banking of discard placenta, umbilical cord, and a one-time peripheral blood draw in addition to cord blood collection

  • Submitted presentations to two national conferences

  • Received $250,000 in additional funding from the Johnson Controls Foundation

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