MCW Cardiovascular Roadmap

Enhancing the capacity of multi-disciplinary translational research teams to employ findings into clinical practice

Full Project Name:The Cardiovascular Roadmap: Bridging our foundations to "signature programs"Principal Investigator:Ivor J. Benjamin, MD, MedicineAward Amount:$4,000,000
Award Date
Project Duration:84 months

Project Description Narrative:

While treatments for cardiovascular disease have improved dramatically in recent years, diseases of the heart and blood vessels continue to be the leading cause of death and disability in Wisconsin and throughout the U.S. In 2011, cardiovascular disease caused 13,797 deaths in Wisconsin, representing 29% of all deaths in the state.

This project seeks to build an infrastructure for translational research and community engagement that will impact clinical practice, education and prevention of cardiovascular disease in Wisconsin. This project will also pilot a "Human Induced Lluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) Program" to increase the number of investigators performing translational research.

Project Updates:

• Identified strategies to increase collaborations between basic and clinical scientists for cardiovascular research

• Funded research studies showing potential to lead to several promising lines of discovery, including research contributing to increased understanding of pediatric heart function

• Conducted more than 45 local and national presentations on the findings generated through this award

• Promoted ongoing services of MCW Cardiovascular Center to members, both clinicians and researchers, and supported new grants to build collaborative teamwork and leverage federal dollars

• Elevated community outreach through hire of a community engagement specialist who will work to link the CVC with community-based organizations and citizens of Wisconsin

• Launched educational workshops and other events to help train the next generation of cardiovascular scientists and physicians who will provide new knowledge and better clinical care to Wisconsin residents

• Strengthened the infrastructure for cardiovascular translational research through the recruitment of new faculty and staff

• Leveraged AHW investment through receipt of NIH award for $1.6 million as well as two additional $300,000 awards for research

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