Convalescent Plasma for Treatment of Patients with COVID-19

Using blood plasma to treat patients with COVID-19 in Wisconsin

Full Project Name:Convalescent Plasma for Treatment of Patients with COVID-19Principal Investigator:Gilbert C. White II, MD, Hematology and OncologyAward Amount:$382,664
Award Date
Project Duration:6 months

Project Description Narrative:

COVID-19 has killed more than 33,000 individuals globally and more than 2,300 Americans. In Wisconsin, the rate of COVID-19 is exponentially increasing. Given widespread community transmission, prevention of disease spread now ultimately depends on effective treatment to limit the number of individuals who can spread the disease. One potential treatment is collecting convalescent plasma from the blood of recovered patients and infusing it into another person to give them the antibodies to fight or prevent infection.

The goal of this project, a joint effort between Versiti and MCW, is to identify, obtain, and provide convalescent plasma from recovered patients with COVID‐19 to patients with active disease and, as a prevention, to front‐line health care workers.

Community Partner:
Versiti Wisconsin, Inc.

Project Updates:

  • Established appropriate IRB protocols and approvals to carry out study and treatment, identifying opportunities to create efficiencies in the study to streamline care of patients and follow-up data collection
  • Disseminated refined processes developed at Versiti Wisconsin to other Versiti locations outside of the state to inform similar work
  • Began recruitment of patients to be treated with convalescent plasma, enrolling approximately 1/3 of goal as of August 2020 and mirroring patterns seen at other health systems during the timeframe
  • Initiated data collection and outcome measurement of treated patients

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