CTSI Mentor, Pilot & Collaborative Research Programs

Advancing discovery by transforming the research and training environment for junior physician-scientists

Full Project Name:CTSI Mentored Clinical & Translational Research Training Program & Pilot & Collaborative Clinical & Translational Research ProgramPrincipal Investigator:Reza Shaker, MD, MedicineCo-Investigator:Theodore Kotchen, MD, MedicineAward Amount:$5,327,956
Award Date
Project Duration:72 months

Project Description Narrative:

While biomedical research has led to extraordinary improvements in many areas of medicine, effective therapies to address several diseases are still greatly needed. Translational research is one of the most promising fields of medical research today, ultimately leading to new clinical treatments by translating scientific knowledge into new tools and methods to improve patient care and the health of individuals and populations. By preparing a stronger workforce skilled in research along the translational spectrum, the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeastern Wisconsin (CTSI) can advance more research aimed at bringing optimal interventions and practices into clinics and communities.

Under its KL2 mentorship program, CTSI recruits and cultivates young investigators who would otherwise lack protected research time and have limited access to funds for conducting translational research. Through this project, CTSI aims to improve health by transforming the research and training environment for junior physician-scientists and advance discovery in clinical and translational research through the CTSI. Using separate funding strategies for basic science and population health, innovative pilot and collaborative grants program will support the testing and growth of promising ideas in clinical and translational science to turn basic scientists? laboratory results into better clinical practice. By enhancing opportunities for early career scientists, the KL2 mentored training program will expand the breadth and depth of clinical and translational research being conducted by CTSI members, facilitating diverse groups working together to translate fundamental discoveries into better health for Wisconsin.

Project Updates:

• Supported two programs within the Clinical Translational Science Institute of Southeastern Wisconsin

• Selected 23 junior faculty (12 past cycle and 11 this cycle) to develop as independent clinical and translational investigators

• Launched 11 new research awards that bring together interdisciplinary research teams to enhance discoveries leading to better treatments and cures for Wisconsin's leading diseases

• Developed partnerships with other CTSIs across the U.S.

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