Biomedical Engineering: Designing tools for a healthy future

Biomedical Engineering

From designing tools that protect us in our daily lives to creating innovations that change how medical procedures are performed, biomedical engineering experts in this cutting-edge field are transforming health and health care. Join us for an engaging (and FREE!) four-part speaker series exploring this innovative science and its impact on our health from cells to society.

Presented in partnership with the Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Biomedical Engineering

Series details

Date: Tuesdays, April 2 – 23

Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Doors open at 6 pm with light refreshments. The program will begin promptly at 6:30 pm


Sessions & Speakers

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  April 2: Designing Prevention

Biomedical engineering advancements benefit us all – whether we know it or not. On the first evening of this four-part speaker series, Dr. Janelle Cross and Dr. Frank Pintar will explore how scientists use biomedical engineering tools to prevent injuries in everyday life, from protecting against sports injuries by studying the biomechanics of baseball pitching to the prevention of vehicle crash injuries.   


Dr. Janelle Cross           Dr. Frank Pintar

Dr. Janelle Cross        Dr. Frank Pintar

  April 9: Creating a Better Diagnosis

A critical step in receiving the best health care possible is first receiving the best diagnosis possible. Explore how biomedical engineers are improving tools to give patients a better diagnosis. Join as Dr. Said Audi, Dr. Bing Yu, and Dr. Taly Gilat Schmidt share how imaging advancements are diagnosing diseases, offering hope for healthier outcomes with every diagnosis.



Dr. Said Audi        Dr. Bing Yu        Dr. Taly Gilat Schmidt

Dr. Said Audi          Dr. Bing Yu            Dr. Taly Gilat Schmidt

  April 16: Engineering Answers from Within

Rather than engineer tools outside the body, what if we could attack diseases from within? Today’s biomedical engineers are doing just that, using cells and molecules to understand and combat diseases from inside the body. Join Dr. Brian Hoffmann and Dr. Brandon Tefft for a discussion on new approaches to creating cutting-edge treatments in diabetes and heart disease.



Dr. Brian Hoffman              Dr. Brandon Tefft

Dr. Brian Hoffmann     Dr. Brandon Tefft

  April 23: Bridging the Gap

To revolutionize health care, biomedical engineering advancements must be translated from the lab to the clinic. Join Dr. Guilherme Garcia, Dr. Tucker Woodson, and Dr. John LaDisa to explore innovative ways biomedical engineers are bridging the gap between technology and patient care, from using 3D printing to study obstructive sleep apnea to utilizing virtual reality to familiarize patients with complex procedures.



Dr. Guilherme Garcia                 Dr. Tucker Woodson              Dr. John LaDisa

Dr. Guilherme Garcia    Dr. Tucker Woodson    Dr. John LaDisa

Locations & Viewing Options

  • Live at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (8701 Watertown Plank Rd., Milwaukee). MCW-Milwaukee Map (PDF)
  • Via interactive livestream at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Central Wisconsin* (333 Pine Ridge Blvd., Wausau). MCW-Central Wisconsin Map (PDF) *Note: MCW-Central Wisconsin is not  hosting the program on-campus on April 9. Guests should plan to join via live webcast that evening. The program at MCW-Central Wisconsin will resume on April 16.
  • Via interactive livestream at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay (110 Grant St., De Pere). MCW-Green Bay Map (PDF)
  • Online webcast from a computer or device with internet access (Note: Desktop or laptop computer recommended)


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