Call for Population & Community Health Studies

funding summary

Funds Available: $3 million total is available to support approximately three to five community-led projects and three to five MCW-led projects. Individual project budget requests may be up to $400,000 each.

Application Deadline: LOI Applications due by January 29, 2020, at 5 PM (CST)

Funding Timeline: Project funding will begin October 1, 2020. Project duration is up to 36 months.

Funding Details: AHW's call for Population and Community Health Studies will support multi-sector collaborations in Wisconsin in informing policies and practices that impact health outcomes, or in addressing evidence gaps for policy and practice changes, in order to advance health.

Promising projects funded through this call will involve:

  • Discovery: Conducting a study, evaluation, assessment, or research and evaluation to produce a product that can improve policy and program effectiveness, population health, and health equity.
  • Engagement: Assuring appropriate audiences will be engaged and enabled to put new knowledge into action.
  • Action: Applying the knowledge generated through the discovery process and enhanced via authentic engagement to Wisconsin health issues to inform the policies and practices that can impact health outcomes.

Successful applicants will demonstrate alignment with AHW focus areas and may be led by either a primary community partner or an MCW School of Medicine Principal Investigator.

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Application FAQs

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  Who can apply for the Population & Community Health Studies opportunity?

All Letters of Intent (LOIs) and full proposal applications for this funding opportunity must be submitted jointly by a project team of individuals and organizations collectively bringing the necessary expertise, influence, and expertise to carry out the proposed project.


Applications can be led by either a primary community partner or an MCW School of Medicine Principal Investigator.


Please see the full RFA for eligibility details regarding both primary applicants.

  What are allowable expenses under this funding opportunity?

AHW uses a cost-reimbursement model. Funds may only be used for direct, project-related expenses. Please review a complete list of AHW’s Direct, Indirect, and Unallowable Costs (PDF) as you prepare your application.


In addition, AHW funds may not supplant funds or resources otherwise available. Please see AHW Supplanting Criteria for details (PDF).

  How does my partnership apply?

Applicants under this RFA are required to have a pre-submission meeting with Program Manager Tim Meister. Please contact Tim early in your application process to set up a meeting.


Applications will only be accepted through the official AHW online application. Stage 1 LOI applications must be received by 5 PM (CST) on January 29, 2020. Those applicants invited to submit a Stage 2 Full Proposal Application must submit their application by 5 PM (CST) on June 3, 2020. No paper or emailed applications will be considered. AHW will confirm receipt of the submission via email to the primary community and MCW School of Medicine partners.

  What if my community organization has not identified an MCW School of Medicine academic partner?

AHW can assist community organizations in identifying a potential MCW School of Medicine academic partner to work with. Please fill out the Partnership Request Form and discuss your needs with Program Manager Tim Meister at (414) 955-5886 or at least a month prior to a submission.


Please note that this request does not guarantee a partnership may be identified.

  How long does the application process take? When will award announcements be made?

The call for Population and Community Health Studies is a two-step application process:


  • Application Stage 1: Letter of Intent (LOI) applications due by 5 PM (CST) on January 29, 2020. Applicants will be notified by April 8, 2020 of invitation to move to stage 2.
  • Application Stage 2: Selected applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal application by 5PM (CST) on June 3, 2020.
  • Award Determination: Award determinations will be made on August 13, 2020.


Please see the full RFA for review criteria and details regarding the application process. We anticipate making award announcements in August 2020, with funded projects beginning their work in October 2020.

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